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Mountains, beaches, horse riding, handcraft, history, gastronomy…

Sardinia is an incredibly rich island and you can really find it out just taking a chance of a short vacation

archaeological richness and natural beauties
culture and traditions

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Our itineraries arise from our research on our region, on testimonies, legends, myths, and so on. Our love for Sardinia, our respect for nature and the expertise we obtained in years of study and activities in the field of natural science and archaeology drove us to appreciate all aspects of our region and to communicate our knowledge and feelings to discerning travellers.

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Sardinia is an incredibly rich island and you can really find it out just taking a chance of a short vacation.

Its archaeological richness is born out by Neolithic testimonies, by the “endemic” Nuragical civilisation which left about 8000 sites, and by the Phoenician, Carthaginian and Roman ruins.

Natural beauties go far beyond the sea and beaches for which Sardinia is famous. There are large woodland areas where you can either hik, ride a horse or be driven by jeep to enjoy the wildness of unspoiled nature and visit the natural record spots: the highest canyon in Europe, the deepest chasm, the unique Karst springs, about 2000 grottos and much more.

You can also try Sardinia's savouriness tasting its peculiar food and cuisine, and be charmed by the cultural appeal of its traditions, its costumes, its great writers, its traditional music, and its unique elements like byssus weaving, a tenore singing, cork working and so on.

Each region is a kind of a small continent. In fact there is an enormous variety of things to do and places to see. We would be very happy to make suggestions and proposals to you. We can taylor-make your holiday according to your particular interests.

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